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Classic clothing - duo elegance and simplicity!
Classic fashion style never goes out of fashion. Not for nothing do they say: "Classic is eternal." The secret of the success of the classic clothing is a kind of combination of elegance and simplicity. The main features of this dress - it is minimalist, the severity of the details, the classical style pants plainness and elegance of the top line. Why is the classic style of dress is always relevant? This fact is due to its features. Features classic-style clothing When sewing are used only h Read more
Special fitting fashion - tights and leggings
Today, no less popular than the jeans are considered - tights. This is not a new type of clothing, it was first invented several centuries ago, but at that time he did not wear as much value as it is today. At this point, almost every wardrobe of stylish and fashionable women can find tights.   Back in the eighties, this piece wardrobe start climbing on its Olympus, and that to date it leggensy tights and became the most popular and in demand. Following the current fashion trends Read more